Eric Garcetti Thinks Cardi B is 'Too Smart For Politics' (Exclusive)

But if she ever ran for office, he’d vote for her.

She’s makes money moves… but if she ever made a political move, she’d have one very big name supporter.

Eric Garcetti has revealed he would vote for Cardi B — but thinks she is way "too smart to get into politics."

The Los Angeles Mayor was praising the rapper for her recent involvement in the presidential debate, and for voicing her opinion on the issues facing the country.

"All of us have power; I think that people see the power they have before the use it," he said. "One thing Cardi B and others are recognizing — okay, I might not be the policy expert, I might not be a congresswoman… but I have a strong voice.

"Just because someone tells me because I’m a black, or I’m a woman, or somebody who doesn’t have high income, we all have equal power — or should have in this country," he continued, insisting everybody should follow suit and use the likes of Instagram and asocial media to get involved.

"The way that she is pushing questions to our candidates? That is what we want to see. Real people, whether they are the biggest star or the youngest kid just coming into this, use that power."

The Mayor had particular praise for when the rapper highlighted the plight of federal workers who lost weeks of pay during the Government shut down at the start of the year, and how she has spoke up for immigrants.

"I love Cardi B!" he gushed. "I have a discussion thread on my WhatsApp that’s just called ‘Cardi B’! That’s how much I love her, with my closest people. We love Cardi B."

"She’s not even hyper-political. She just knows injustice when she sees it, and I’d love to talk to her."

But he added "She’s probably too smart to get into politics", adding that as a celebrity, she has the disadvantage of "a lot of hate out there" as a barrier to any potential political career.

"You know, nobody with their right mind would get into politics," he said. "Somebody asked me the other day if I liked politics — no I hate politics in this day and age! But I do treasure the chance to make a difference."

"And if she could ever get past — because as a celebrity she has to deal with all the hate that’s out there… sometimes it’s not what you say, it’s what you’re able to do — I’d vote for her."

For now, Bernie is happy to get behind Bernie Sanders, who she has interviewed ahead of his run at the Democratic nomination.

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