Even Jennifer Lawrence has to wait for a table at Brooklyn hot spot Lilia

No one is getting special treatment at Williamsburg hot spot Lilia.

A spy told Page Six that Jennifer Lawrence and a male friend arrived at the Brooklyn restaurant for dinner Monday night but had to wait like everyone else.

“She came in and asked for a table and exited so quickly,” the eyewitness told Page Six on Tuesday. “She came back in 10 minutes later and swiftly ducked over to the bar and moved back to the café where you wait for your table.”

After waiting about 30 minutes, Lawrence might have grown impatient because “she came up at one point to check on the status of their table,” the spy said.

Lawrence, who was wearing jeans, a white silk blouse and a denim jacket with “perv” written across the back, and her friend were seated quickly after the check-in; however, she asked if they could be seated at another table.

“She asked to be moved to another table behind a wall so you couldn’t really see her,” the spy said.

Despite the wait and seat change, Lawrence “seemed to be having fun,” with our spy also noting that she and her friend “didn’t seem romantic.”

Also at Lilia Monday night was Victor Cruz, who had to wait for more than an hour-and-a-half for a table because of the large group he was with.

Lilia’s chef Missy Robbins won the James Beard Award for Best Chef in New York City last week.

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