Everything You Need to Know About Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams’ Upcoming Wedding

So Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams are finally getting married after three postponements, and honestly I have so many questions, including but not limited to: WILL HE GIVE HER A LITERAL ROSE DURING THE CEREMONY? The Modern Family actress and Bachelor in Paradise star have been dating since October 2017, and yeah, their love story might just make you weep at its near perfect. TL;DR: They began flirting via DM, transitioned to text messages and voice memos, started calling and FaceTiming each other, and finally met IRL and went on their first date.

A few years went by and our dude popped the question with a ridiculously expensive engagement ring in a move straight out of BiP. He even asked for permission from Sarah’s parents, both IRL and on Modern Family.


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Tragically, none of us are invited to Sarah and Wells’ upcoming wedding (unless you are, in which case, hello/why are you reading this?), but we do have plenty of As to your Qs about what to expect, especially since Sarah’s out here talking about wedding postponement. Starting with…

Will It Be Televised on ABC?

No! At least, that’s the vibe I’m getting from Wells telling ET, “I think they know I would never do that.” Plus, only a handful of Bachelor Nation weddings have actually been televised, and since Wells was never the show’s leading man, chances are ABC wouldn’t throw down for his big day.


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So, Like, When Is It?

Any moment now, pretty sure! At least based on the fact that Sarah just had her bachelorette party, an event that usually comes right before the wedding:


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Is Sarah Taking Wells’ Last Name?

TBD! She told E! News, “My mom didn’t take my father’s last name, so that’s never been a thing for me. I do like being called ‘Mrs. Adams’ when we’re on vacation and stuff and if the reservation’s under his name, I’m like, ‘Oh my god, I’m so cute.’ But I don’t know. Haven’t decided on it. Sarah Jane Adams sounds like a woman burned at the stake in Salem, with my bonnet and everything. She went out in style. She went out in flames.”

Who Is in the Bridal Party?

So many people! Sarah revealed her “bride tribe” on Instagram, and it includes a bunch of her non-celeb friends plus actresses Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Newbrough, and Ciara Robinson.

Also, look how cute Sarah’s “Will you be my bridesmaid?” boxes were?!

Cool-Cool-Cool, Let’s Talk Location and Dress

Thus far, we don’t have details on what Sarah’s wearing (and we likely won’t know until the actual wedding goes down), but she wore a very bridal-esque dress for her 3-year engagement anni that gives you an idea of her taste:


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Meanwhile, the location is still TBD, but anyone else think they should get married in Paradise? Same.

What’s the Food Situation?

Wells and Sarah are truly a couple to aspire to be because they’re opting to feed their guests via a taco truck. According to Wells, the truck would be symbolic in a way because he made her shrimp tacos on one of their first dates. Also, tacos are just practical! He told Us Weekly, “I want a taco truck there for late night when everyone’s just trashed. Who doesn’t want a taco?” Genius.

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