Ex-Husband Of Former ‘NCIS’ Star Pauley Perrette Says That She Was A ‘Stalker’ Who Harassed Him

Pauley Perrette has recently come under fire for her statements about her former “NCIS” employers.

Former NCIS star Pauley Perrette has been in the news a lot lately, mainly because she’s been claiming that she was at the receiving end of a lot of physical and emotional abuse while she was employed by the hit CBS show, but an explosive claim from her now-ex-husband suggests that she’s not a victim of bad behavior, but a perpetrator.

Rock star Coyote Shivers — who used to be married to Bebe Buell — spoke to the Daily Mail and said that Pauley Perrette, to whom he was married to from 2000 to 2006, stalked him, sent him handwritten death threats, and even climbed through his bedroom window to attack a now-ex-girlfriend.

Shivers is now suing Perrette for personal injury damages, where he claimed that she threatened to label him a “stalker” if he didn’t comply with her requests to get back together.

But there are a few problems with Shivers’ claims. For one, he was placed on the vexatious litigants’ list by the Los Angeles County Superior Court back in 2008, which barred him from bringing any claims in the courts for 10 years from the date of filing — and it’s only now, that the placement has been lifted and he’s once again able to file claims, that he’s going to court to file a litigation against his now-ex-wife.

Second, this isn’t the first time that Coyote Shivers has been a “nightmare” to deal with. According to Fox News, when he divorced Bebe Buell in 1999, she was “inundated” with false police reports, invented complaints and restraining orders for years.

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Buell, in fact, went through so much at Shivers’ hands that she teamed up with Pauley Perrette to get her through her “nightmare” divorce.

Finally, another one of Shivers’ ex-girlfriends, Angela Garber, filed a complaint against him in Los Angeles Superior Court for assault, battery, sexual battery, and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

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It also bears noting that, in the Daily Mail article featuring Shivers, it was revealed that Pauley Perrette had taken a restraining order out against him — something that had only recently been revealed in open court, since she claimed she was “embarrassed” to be associated with him.

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