Ex 'Southern Charm' Star Thomas Ravenel Has Decided To Stay In Charleston Despite The Hurricane

The former ‘Southern Charm’ star is hunkering down with his two pre-school age children.

Most of the cast members of Southern Charm have left Charleston for higher ground, but not ex-cast member and former politician Thomas Ravenel, who gave an interview today saying that he has decided to stay in his Daniel Island rental with his children with Bravo star Kathryn Dennis. As Hurricane Florence bears down on the region, Ravenel doesn’t seem concerned.

Radar Online spoke with Ravenel today, and he questioned whether there would be a direct hit of the Charleston area.

“I’m staying at my house on Daniel Island. Hurricane Florence is expected to hit the North Carolina/South Carolina border, so it won’t be a direct hit in my area.”

Radar Online added that Ravenel’s ex-girlfriend, Ashley Jacobs, has decided to ride the storm out at the Daniel Island house, despite the fact that the children, Kensie and Saint, are with their father this week.

Though Ravenel didn’t mention the children in the interview, he did mention his horses and says that he has made sure that they are safe on higher ground west of Charleston.

“My horses are in Aiken, they are safe there.”

Daniel Island, like Charleston, has water all around, and while the winds of Hurricane Florence might not hit the town directly, CNN has suggested that there will be flooding.

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Kensie and Saint were with Kathryn Dennis last week, but through the weekend they are with their father. Dennis has gone to Nashville to avoid the initial rush of the storm, but will be back to pick the children up at the end of the weekend.

Southern Charm grande dame Patricia Altschul has everything ready to stay in place at her estate in town along with her butler, Michael, who went on a Costco run last week to get supplies. Michael gave fans a tour of the Costco bounty.

“We just got back. We’ve got Bush’s Original Baked Beans; we’ve got 25 percent less sodium Spam, which is absolutely delicious. We have snacking nuts, we’ve got Vienna Sausages in case all the power goes out, and we can’t use the stove. We have Kind healthy grain bars which are very good for snacking, and we have Goldfish to keep our moods up.”

Patricia made sure that the house was shuttered and on lockdown so that the house and pets would be protected from Florence’s wrath.

“House on lockdown….shutters wired over plywood, generator inspected, pool water lowered, cars in parking garage, all supplies bought, pets accounted for…. bring it on.”

Luckily if things get really bad, Kensie and Saint can go west to Moncks Corner to stay with their grandparents, Alison and Luke Dennis.

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