Exclusive | On-stage Emmys proposal sparks behind-the-scenes family drama

Director Glenn Weiss became the surprise hit of the Emmys on Monday night after he melted hearts by proposing to his girlfriend Jan Svendsen during his acceptance speech.

But we’re told that — while stars in the audience, including Jimmy Kimmel, Leslie Jones, Benedict Cumberbatch and Claire Foy, were clearly smitten with the newly betrothed pair — things aren’t so rosy behind the scenes.

To begin with, sources say that Weiss’ 17- and 21-year-old daughters learned that their dad was getting remarried at the same time as the rest of America — while they were watching the NBC awards broadcast at home.

“They were completely shocked and blindsided,” we’re told.

“He could have been a man and gone to them first and said, ‘Hey, I’m planning on doing this. I didn’t want you to be surprised.’ ”

Added an insider, “He’s coming across as this great romantic hero, but it was pretty thoughtless.” Insiders say that his ex-wife also works in the TV industry, and Weiss and Svendsen’s romance stunned the community when it became public.

While Weiss said in a post-ceremony press conference that he and Svendsen had been together, “I don’t know — 10 years or so,” court records show that he and his ex began divorce proceedings in 2008. An insider said they were surprised that Weiss would want to invite so much scrutiny about his personal life. A rep for Weiss didn’t respond to multiple requests for comment.

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