Faith Evans’s Son, CJ Wallace, ‘Upset’ He Was Left In The Dark About Wedding To Stevie J – Report

Faith Evans and Stevie J are enjoying the married life, but their surprise wedding reportedly floored their family members – including the son she had with Biggie Smalls, who was mad they tell him their plans!

Marriage should be a time of joy, where families celebrate two people coming together in love. But, in the case of Stevie J and Faith Evans, their sudden marriage on July 17 left a lot of their kin feeling salty and sour, according to TMZ. Family source on both sides say they were never given a clue that marriage “was even a possibility” between the two, and that neither person – Stevie or Faith – dropped a hint about the wedding. Their marriage has left a lot of bruised egos and hurt feelings among those close to the couple, especially their kids. Faith’s son with Biggie Smalls, CJ Wallace, 21, is “especially upset,” according to TMZ, and rightfully so: Stevie J, his new step-dad, is also his godfather!

CJ may have some major beef with his new step-dad, as TMZ’s sources suggest that the Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta star may have pushed Faith to say “I do” without telling her family. Faith reportedly told her family that Stevie J met with her on Tuesday and said they needed to get married right there, right now. The sources suspect that Stevie wanted to rush the wedding because, if Faith had told her family about her plans, they may have tried to talk her out of it. Supposedly, when Faiths friends – who were shocked to hear about the news – asked her about it, she responded by sending them a song she recorded with Stevie J called, “A minute.” Her explanation was that it “only took a minute to fall in love,” according to TMZ.

Between the two of them, Stevie and Faith have ten kids, so they have a lot of apologizing to do if they really went ahead and got married out of the blue. In addition to CJ Wallace, Faith has a daughter – Chyna, 25, — with Kiyamma Griffin and two kids – Joshua, 20,  and Ryder, 11, – with Todd Russaw. Stevie has six kids with five different women, including Mimi Faust and Joseline Hernandez.

Joseline had an interesting response to hearing that her ex had tied the knot with another woman. In a now-deleted Instagram post, Joseline shared a screengrab of a text conversation between her and supposedly Stevie J. The conversation shows this man, listed as “a**hole” in her phone, proposing to her. “I’m actually trying to marry someone else I really like. I’m sorry. I tried it with you. I’m liking someone else a lot,” she replies, almost suggesting that Stevie tried to marry her before he married Faith.

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