Fans Are Split on Whether or Not Kylie Jenner’s Boyfriend Travis Scott Laughs More Like a Goat or a Horse

Rapper Travis Scott appeared on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last night to talk about the success of his album Astroworld and promote his appearance on tonight’s episode of Saturday Night Live. But, after the appearance, a lot of people on social media were talking most about Travis’ nervous laugh on the show, and some even debated which cartoon character, sound effect or animal it most sounded like.

We’re not sure that, in this day and age, we can be completely on-board with laugh-shaming. That said, if Travis gets sensitive about his laugh after all of the chatter, we’re sure he can just add a little autotune and fix that thing right up …

Below we have some of the social media comments about Travis laugh on the Tonight Show, as well as a clip from his interview with Jimmy Fallon, below.

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