Fans Enraged After Hailey Baldwin Shares Video of Her ‘Toy’-ing Her Dog

AceShowbizHailey Baldwin wants nothing but flaunting her love for Oscar, her new puppy with husband Justin Bieber. Taking to Instagram Stories, the model recently shared a video of her wildly shaking the little pooch to Ariana Grande‘s “7 Rings”.

“Don’t worry, he loves it,” he captioned the Sunday, January 20 video. However, the clarification didn’t stop people from criticizing the 22-year-old beauty, accusing her of dog abuse.

“Oh my, girl wtf are you doing to your dooog! Omg so stupid!” one fan slammed Hailey. Another comment read, “Shaking dog syndrome much? Kidding … not really.”

Another critic snarked, “The dog is not a toy Hails.” Meanwhile, another fan urged the model to “stop abusing ur dog.” Another user even threatened to call PETA if Hailey kept doing that. “I’m calling peta right this second with you shaking that damn dog like that,” the fan wrote.

“talking about your story where you’re making your dog dance or whatever it is,” one other criticized her. “how do you know the dog likes it? to be shaken like a puppet? Poor dog! Cruelty!

Unfazed by the backlash, Hailey kept posting more contents featuring her “Christmas baby.” One of the photos saw her taking Oscar for a drive as she placed the little friend on her leg while she was on the driver seat. “he likes driving,” she wrote.

Oscar was first introduced by Justin on his Instagram page on December 22. “Meet our dogson his name is #Oscar,” the pop superstar wrote, under which Hailey commented, “My babies.” Justin also wished followers well for the holidays as he showed off an image of Oscar’s new bed and food corner on his Instagram Story timeline. “Merry Christmas from Oscar,” he captioned the shot.

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