Farrah Abraham Denies Her Cannes Wardrobe Malfunction Was Intentional: I Was ‘Shocked’

Farrah Abraham has broken her silence on what really led up to her wild Cannes wardrobe malfunction, and why she didn’t know her ‘crotch was out.’ Get all the details here!

Farrah Abraham, 26, embodies the saying, if you got it, flaunt it. So, when she surprisingly flashed her private parts at a Cannes Film Festival fashion show on May 14, many fans were led to believe it was done on purpose. However, we’ve just learned it was a complete accident. Turns out, Farrah was not prepared for her floor length silk gown to reveal she went commando for the night. “That was just some made up press,” Farrah explained during an interview with PEOPLE after being asked if the malfunction was a publicity stunt. “We were in the atrium, and I was so rushed and moving this huge dress and the slit just moved over,” Farrah continued. How mortifying!

“And to be honest with you, nobody told me that that had happened,” she added. “I was literally shocked when they were like, ‘Your crotch was out.’ I said to my friends, I was like, ‘Did you guys see this? Why did you not tell me about this?’” Farrah continued. Well, I guess that settles it. We’re certainly glad Farrah squashed the rumors even though we had a feeling that this would have been too far, even for her.

But, being that Farrah is well, Farrah, she was not shaken up over the incident. “I was just happy it didn’t affect my friends or I,” she said. “I just really loved all the fashion there,” Farrah explained. Aside from her big scene, Farrah had other things on her mind while in France. “I went there to figure out financing for my film that I’m working on for this screenplay on my memoir,” Farrah said to the outlet. For those of you who don’t know, the former MTV star is in the process of turning her book My Teenage Dream Ended into a film. Should be interesting, right?

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