'Floribama Shore': Codi Butts' Twitter Rant Explained

Floribama Shore is back and stranger than ever. In season 4, the roommates aren’t in Florida. Instead, they headed to Montana for a coronavirus (COVID-19) quarantine-style trip. But despite the seemingly happy family that aired on television, some of the Floribama Shore cast are bitter about a few things this season, including Codi Butts. He took to Twitter a few days before the Floribama Shore Season 4 premiere to air some dirty laundry he had with a roommate. 

Nilsa Prowant is pregnant in season 4 of ‘Floribama Shore’ 

Gone are the days of Nilsa Prowant hooking up with Gus Smyrnios. She’s dating “Gus 2.0” now (Gus Gazda) and she’s pregnant with his child. Judging by the teaser trailers, Prowant’s pregnancy seems to be a major storyline in season 4 of Floribama Shore. All of the roommates are happy for Prowant, including Butts. But according to some recent tweets, he did take issue with producers focusing on Prowant’s pregnancy this season. 

Codi Butts is angry with producers for letting Nilsa Prowant ‘leave filming 2 weeks early’

In the season 4 premiere of Floribama Shore, Butts and the rest of the roommates celebrate Prowant’s pregnancy announcement. But on Feb. 23, 2021, Butts had some different feelings. “If y’all want to build a season [around] someone that is getting to leave filming two weeks early then go ahead,” he wrote in a since-deleted Tweet. A few minutes later, Butts followed up with a tweet that read: “All I ask for is one day and I wasn’t given that. I guess I don’t get the same respect as everyone else.” Nearly an hour later the same night, Butts concluded with the tweet: “It’s amazing that we have one person delete [their] Twitter and it’s the end of the world. However, when another cast member has [issues] it’s OK. Double Standard!” 

Floribama Shore fans on Reddit assumed Butts was referencing Prowant. “He’s ranting about how it’s OK for Nilsa to leave two weeks early and he asks for a day off and they wouldn’t let him,” one fan shared. Another mentioned how Butts requested one day off so he could coach his football team in their state championship. Apparently, producers said no. 

‘Floribama Shore’ star Codi Butts apologizes for ‘drunk tweets’ 

The following morning on Feb. 24, Butts issued an apology on Twitter. He blamed his posts on being drunk the night before. Butts also confirmed he was talking about Prowant, adding how he owed both her and production an apology. 

Some of Butts’ roommates replied to his tweet, including Kirk Medas and Aimee Hall. “Next time listen to me when I call you,” Medas wrote. “I knew this would happen. Smh.” Hall also replied to Butts’ apology tweet. “Stop getting sh*tty drunk and cussing us all out when we are trying to help you,” she said. “Thank you for apologizing to all of us.”

Nilsa Prowant asks for kindness after Codi Butts tweets 

“Kindness goes a long way,” Prowant shared in a post to TikTok a few days after Butts’ rant. Prowant reminded her followers how they don’t know what others are going through and stressed the importance of watching what they say to and about people. “You don’t know how bad it could hurt somebody,” she concluded. 

Prowant lost her father unexpectedly in August of 2020. That family tragedy and finding out she was pregnant all happened just before season 4 of Floribama Shore started filming. It’s unclear why Prowant had to leave for two weeks while the show was shooting, nor is it clear why production wouldn’t allow Butts to step away for a day. Tune in to Floribama Shore Thursdays on MTV to find out. 

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