Floribama Shore Recap: The Stalker Returns

Just when the cast of Floribama Shore gets it together, something happens that drives them further apart. 

The latest installment of this MTV hit picked up mere moments after Jeremiah learned of his grandfather’s death. 

There were tears, fights and more tears, and we’re going to unpack all of the big developments from the episode right here. 

Everyone rallied around Jeremiah to make sure that he felt at ease, and Candace said a prayer for him and his family before he exited the house to be with his family. 

Before his exit, however, he wanted to hit the bar with his roomies and have a drink to celebrate his grandfather’s life. 

Everyone made their way to The Salted Goat. Yes, that’s actually the name of the bar. It’s ridiculous, but the cast is probably barred from every other fine establishment in Florida, so they had to make do. 

While most of the houseguests were upset, and drinking slowly, Nilsa partied a little too hard when she laid eyes on her ex-husband’s friend. 

It resulted in her running backward and forward to the bar to get some shots. It did not go unnoticed by the others, who were under the impression this was a quiet family night. 

Things got worse when a man appeared at the table asking about the cast. Kirk and Codi were happy to answer questions, but Nilsa was rude as hell. 

“Bye, bitch,” she yelled while waving her hand at the man. 

She continued to be rude, and the man ultimately left the situation red-faced. 

Back at the house, Nilsa flat-out refused that she was rude to anyone, and even asked the following:

“What bar?” 

This further irked her friends because they were only in one bar the whole night. Nilsa denied that she was drunk, and got especially mad when her BFF Aimee did not defend her. 

Aimee was right not to defend her. Nilsa was in the wrong and all the others wanted was for her to own it, and they could move on. 

But Nilsa called her friend, Shayla, and got ready to leave the house. The only thing that kept her there was a hug from Kortni (of all people!). 

Nilsa still played dumb the next morning, but Aimee said she was not ready to forgive her because the man was friendly, and that it’s no way to treat a nice person. 

Jeremiah made his exit, but Kortni put a letter in with his packed lunch for the road. She told him that she would always be there for him. 

That was enough to confuse Jeremiah because he knows there’s a burgeoning romance there, but he needs to decide whether he wants to leave the one night stands behind and get in a relationship. 

In a real shocker, Codi and Jeremiah managed to put their feud aside. As you will recall if you watch Floribama Shore online, Codi’s grandfather died last year, so they bonded over that. 

It’s amazing, but these two were so against each other earlier in the summer, but if they manage to put it aside, something good will come of it. 

The ladies went away on an all-female trip, leaving Kirk, Codi and Gus to do their own thing. 

The boys went to a bar and Gus opened up about his issues growing up. He recalled the time he found his mother sleeping with another man, and it paved the way for his father to leave with another woman. 

It was heartbreaking, but the biggest shocker was saved for the final scenes:

Logans Fairbanks aka Kortni’s stalker left flowers, a letter and images on the doorstep of the house at 3 am. 

How will Kortni react to her stalker’s return? 

We’ll find out next Monday at 10/9c. 

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