Floyd Mayweather Says He Would've KO'd Logan Paul In 1st Rd 'If It Was A Real Fight'

Floyd Mayweather says Logan Paul is lucky their exhibition wasn’t a real fight … ’cause if it was — and he actually trained for it — it would’ve been a 1st round knockout!!

Remember, the YouTube sensation went the distance with Mayweather in June — even landing a few punches on the undefeated champ.

There wasn’t a knockout during the bout … which pissed off every boxing fan and gave the Paul bros. the bragging rights to say Logan went 8 full rounds with one of the GOATs in boxing.

But, Floyd says no one should’ve been surprised there was no KO … ’cause it wasn’t a real fight.

“People have gotta know, there’s a difference between a real fight and an exhibition,” Mayweather said this week at the WBC convention.

“I did an exhibition with the YouTuber Logan Paul. We had fun.”

Now, for a REAL fight, Mayweather pulls out all the stops when training for his opponents … even chopping wood like he did before his Manny Pacquiao fight in 2015.

But, for Logan, Floyd says he wasn’t even training that hard.

“All I did was work out from time to time,” Mayweather said, “If it was a real fight, it would’ve been a blowout in the first round.”

Funny thing is, Logan told us back in July if he got a rematch with Floyd, “I promise I’ll knock him out. Promise.”

Well, money talks — Mayweather reportedly made at least $30 million for the Logan fight … and like he says, “When it comes to legalized bank robbing, I’m the best.”

So, could a rematch — real or not — happen in the future?? If money’s involved, never count Floyd out.

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