Frank Ocean Opens Up About Split With Def Jam, Songwriting

In an exclusive interview featured in the most recent edition of Gayletter magazine, R&B star Frank Ocean opened up about a host of topics, including his split with Def Jam, rock climbing, and his strong sense of intuition.

The singer, who split with his former record label, Def Jam/Universal in early 2016, explained that he now feels “at peace with all that.”

“I love the music and the art that came out of that period, as well as the visual work,” Ocean added. ” It’s definitely a period I look back on fondly.”

“I like problem solving,” he added, speaking about his long-time hobby of rock climbing. “It’s kind of a solo sport if you’re bouldering, so you don’t need to organize anything to go; you can just pull up and do something different than a classic day in the gym. It’s super relaxing.”

The 31-year-old star deleted his Twitter account a couple of years ago on the basis of his “intuition,” he had revealed to a fan at the time.

When questioned further, Ocean shared that he has always relied upon his intuition at every step of the process, be it for writing songs, or day-to-day choices.

“It’s all a lot of choices, and you have infinite possibilities, infinite ways to take a melody, a whole lot of ways to take a chord progression, infinite ways to take a turn of phrase. And as meaningless as some of those decisions are, even those are moments where I try to access that place,” the singer added.

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