G-Eazy Flaunts PDA With Production Designer Post-Halsey Break Up

Rapper G-Eazy has a new woman in his life, less than a month after splitting from singer Halsey.

The “No Limit” hitmaker was photographed enjoying a date with a pretty blonde in Los Angeles on Tuesday night (November 13), and the couple wasn’t shy about public displays of affection, openly holding hands and hugging, before making out beside the hip-hop star’s Mustang.

According to The Blast, G-Eazy’s new lady is Christina Roseann Ray, a production designer who worked on the 2016 music video for production duo Snakehips‘ “All My Friends”.

He has yet to comment on the romance reports, but it’s clear he’s not holding out for a reunion with Halsey, who he initially dated for a year until parting ways in July. They reconciled in August, before calling it quits once more last month.

The news emerges shortly after Halsey dismissed speculation linking her to rocker John Mayer, with whom she had been sharing flirty messages with on social media.

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“G-Eazy swapping spit with new girl who is not Halsey; G-Eazy is living his best single life, forgetting about Halsey and making out with a new girl in a Mustang for the world to see. The “Power” rapper was spotted out with a hot mystery blonde on Tuesday on what appeared to be a date in Los Angeles. G-Eazy seemed to really enjoy her company because he was even seen hugging her outside his car before taking off and sharing multiple kisses.” source: theblast.com OPINIONS? ——————————— • Follow @younggerald.gerry for daily Geazy posts • Never miss a post by turning on post notifications I LOVE Y’ALL? ——————————— #geazy #geraldearl #younggerald #gerald #gerry #geraldgillum #geazyedits #geazyconcerts #hiphop #rap #geazyrap #geazymusic #geazymusicvevo #geazyalbum #geaztour #geazyfans #geazymemes #geazyandhalsey #geazyfans #geazyismyfavoriterapper @g_eazy

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“Just had a ground breaking idea,” the singer tweeted last week (ends November 09). “What if…we let female artists…have friends…without assuming that they are sleeping together (sic)? I know I know. It’s like, completely ambitious but like, imagine if we like, tried?”.

Meanwhile, Halsey has also been stirring gossip about her relationship woes with her ex-boyfriend by hiring a G-Eazy lookalike for her latest music video.

The footage for “Without You” features the singer and her video lover struggling through a toxic relationship, with their fights fuelled by his excessive drinking and drug use, which lead to him puking in the bathroom as the 24-year-old beauty tries to lend her support.

The clip ends with her man being hauled away by the police – imagery fans believe was inspired by G-Eazy’s bust for assault, drug possession, and resisting arrest following a nightclub altercation in Stockholm, Sweden back in May, when Halsey was by his side.

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