Geoffrey Owens Says SAG Cameo was Redemption Post-Trader Joe's

Geoffrey Owens says his redemption song came full circle Sunday night at the 25th SAG Awards … but his comeback isn’t even close to done yet.

The former ‘Cosby Show’ star was at LAX Monday after hitting the SAG ceremony where he was one of the actors who got a cameo in the broadcast’s “I Am an Actor” intro. He also got a rousing response from his fellow union members.

We asked if he felt redeemed after a customer tried to publicly shame him for working at Trader Joe’s a few months ago. It’s a resounding yes from Geoff … and he tells us exactly why.

He says the last few months have been a whirlwind of emotions and mostly a dream come true. He’s gotten a lot of acting gigs and opportunities after the photo of him working the register at TJ’s went viral. 

Geoffrey tells us Hollywood’s re-opened its doors for him, and he’s eternally grateful to be working so consistently again. As to whether he signed on for any new projects while at the award show … it sounds like he kept the wheeling and dealing to a minimum.

It might be better that way in the end, ’cause Geoffrey already has some auditions lined up this week. Side note: the dude’s still got love for Trader Joe’s, and a go-to product.

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