Glen Campbell’s Kids End Contest To His Will

Glen Campbell‘s three adult children from his second wife Billie Jean Nunley, have dropped a case that challenged the validity of their father’s will that excluded them from any inheritance.

The late Glen Campbell’s will left his estate to his wife Kimberly Campbell, and five of his eight children.

In a legal filing they made on Monday (November 19) in Davidson County Probate Court, William Campbell, Kelli Campbell and Wesley Campbell did not assign any reason for dropping the challenge they had filed in 2006.

They had questioned their father’s capacity to sign the will, saying he may have been in the early stages of Alzheimer’s and that he may have been under undue influence while signing it. Campbell, who spoke about his diagnosis of Alzheimer’s only in 2011, passed away in early August 2017.

Kimberly Campbell, the executor of Glen’s estate as per the 2006 will, said the filing of a will contest shocked her and that there was never any merit to those claims. She said she did not make any settlement with the siblings.

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