Who are Gogglebox’s northern sisters Ellie and Izzi? Find out everything!

We just can’t get enough of the Gogglebox families – with their quick wit and hilarious judgements, these famous telly-watchers start our weekends off with a load of laughs and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

And Leeds sisters Ellie and Izzi Warner are definitely no exception… If you watch the show you might know this Yorkshire duo for eating pizza, drinking wine oh, and not wearing shoes.

Yup. They’re our kinda gals.

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But if you want to find out more, we’ve rounded up everything you need to know about the telly gems just in time to sit down with a cuppa and watch the show!

They didn’t think they would get chosen

Crazy, right?! Despite giving us ah-mazing one-liners – remember when Ellie compared a dog on ‘Dogs Might Fly’ to Leonardo Dicaprio? – it turns out the girls didn’t expect to find themselves on national TV.

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They were approached by an old friend who was casting for the show and after originally saying no, the pair agreed to give it shot. Izzi previously told Heat: ‘We thought ‘who’d want to watch us’ and then we got picked and couldn’t believe it!’

Well we can totally believe it.

They don’t live together

Despite the girls spending a load of time together, they don’t actually live under the same roof and the Gogglebox scenes are filmed from the comfort of their mum’s living room.

While eldest sister Ellie (who has blonde hair in case you were confused) still lives at home, Izzi shares her flat with her son and recently admitted she gets a little bit peeved when her sis turns up at her door unannounced. AW!

Gogglebox is their favourite programme

Before becoming stars on the show, these northern lasses just couldn’t get enough of Gogglebox – and who can blame them? Ellie even claimed it was one of the only shows she used to watched.

Obviously that’s all changed now that the pair have to sit down and critique pretty much everything on telly, but they’re literally living the dream…

They didn’t have the best start on the show

We can’t quite believe that anyone could dislike Ellie and Izzi, but when they first joined the show in 2015 the ladies got a bit of bad press from the Channel 4 viewers.

During their debut episode, Izzi was heard comparing the BBC screen adaptation of erotic novel Lady Chatterley’s Lover to being ‘like something out of a book’ – which didn’t go down well with fans. Eeek.

But luckily the hilarious pair soon won round the British public and Izzi has since spoken out about that infamous line admitting she totally regrets saying it.

Like all siblings, they get on each other’s nerves

No matter how close you are, there are always going to be things that annoy you about your brothers and sisters but this duo’s harmless bickering makes them all the more entertaining.

The pair have admitted to ‘fighting like cat and dog’ and while Izzi previously accused Ellie of being unorganised, Ellie thinks Izzi’s worst trait is bossing her around.

But they love each other really!

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