Golnesa ‘GG’ Gharachedaghi From Bravo’s ‘Shahs Of Sunset’ Opens Up About Drug Past

Drug use for GG started when she was just 11-years-old, and she didn’t get proper treatment for addiction until she was 23.

Golnesa Gharachedaghi, better known as “GG” on the Bravo reality show program Shahs of Sunset, recently opened up about her drug use in an interview with E! News, explaining that it began at a very young age and took her quite a while before she did something about it.

GG spoke with Justin Sylvester, an E! News correspondent, on the premiere episode of “Just the Sip.” In addition to discussing her relationships and kids, GG was very candid about her past demons, including a pretty big revelation about her problems with drug abuse in the past.

According to reporting from E! News, GG’s habits started when she was younger, before she was even technically a teenager. “I have a big drug past, massive drug past that I started when I was 11-years-old,” GG said in her own words.

It took Gharachedaghi some time to recognize the problem herself, in fact. The now-36-year-old star of Shahs didn’t check into a rehab institute until more than a decade after she first started using drugs when she was 23-years-old.

“I checked into rehab in 2005, so it was quite some time, it was almost 14 years I was using, and April 2005 is when I checked in,” GG said.

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GG explained to Sylvester in her interview that she wasn’t doing very hard drugs like heroin or crack, but that the drugs she was using were causing problems for her life.

“I was born and raised in L.A. babe, you know, it’s cocaine and weed, that’s the way it went,” she said.

As for how she was able to get away with drug use when she was so young? GG said that she was able to go to parties and other events more than other kids might have been able to. As a first generation Persian-American, Gharachedaghi said when her parents asked why she needed to go out or do something else, she merely explained that’s how American kids things, and they believed her.

Indeed, according to the original synopsis of Shahs of Sunset, Bravo described GG as a “Persian Princess” who was “fully supported by her father” at the start of the series, according to reporting from the Futon Critic.

GG may have stopped using hard drugs, but she still “consumes” cannabis, according to reporting from Bravo TV. She even has her own business, WüSah, which she launched in California, where cannabis consumption is legal.

“I’m a cannabis consumer,” she explained, detailing how sometimes she gets an appetite for food while working with the drug. “So, with that being said, I’m always eating.”

Typically, however, what she eats when she’s consuming cannabis is not a heavy meal. Watermelon seems to be her food of choice. “I swear — there’s something about watermelon when you’re stoned when it’s super sweet and ice cold. It’s just heaven,” she added.

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