‘Gotham’ actor obtained restraining order against ex-girlfriend

An actor who appeared on “Gotham” obtained a restraining order against his ex-girlfriend after she allegedly harassed him following their split.

PJ Marshall, who portrayed Cole Clemens on the “Batman”-inspired series, received the temporary restraining order against model Vanessa Lunnon in February 2018.

The restraining order, which was obtained by Page Six, instructed Lunnon to refrain from “communication or any other contact” with Marshall, as well as from “assault, stalking, harassment, aggravated harassment” and “menacing.” It was in effect until the end of March.

Marshall, 49, has also appeared on shows including Netflix’s “Luke Cage” and “Blue Bloods.”

Elizabeth Carlton, Marshall’s current girlfriend, claimed on her website that her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend “cyberstalked” her on social media and “started posting nasty comments” on her Facebook photos from fake accounts.” Carlton also claimed that Lunnon sent her old photos of herself and Marshall from when they were a couple.

The alleged cyberstalking caused her to experience episodes of post-traumatic stress disorder.

“I have struggled with Post-Traumatic Stress for many years and had learned how to deal with its symptoms, but the cyber-harassment brought all of my PTSD symptoms back,” she wrote.

Page Six has reached out to Marshall and Lunnon for comment.

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