Gwen Stefani Admits Vegas Residency Is The ‘End’ Of Her Musical ‘Journey’: Settling Down With Blake?

You may want to cop your Gwen Stefani concert tickets right now, because her ‘Just a Girl’ Vegas residency could be her last run, ever! But why? — Check out her latest interview…

Did Gwen Stefani, 48, just reveal that she’s quitting music after her Just a Girl Las Vegas residency? Well, not quite. But, she did admit that she’s nearing the end of her music journey, and she’s OK with that! “I always think it’s fine if I never do it again,” she told OK magazine about performing. “Then when I get on stage, I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh, I love this!’ I love my music, I love being up there. It’s my gift — it’s what I’m here for. I’m obviously at the end of my journey of being a musician,” she continued.

When asked why she said her Vegas residency, Gwen admitted, “Well, because of my age, and I’ve been doing it for thirty-something-years.” She explained: “A Las Vegas show is a way to express myself and do my whole catalog of music that defines every period in my life, all the crises and all the joys. Creatively, I couldn’t have done it sooner; I have to have all these songs.”

The mag’s cover reads, “Gwen tells all: I’m Quitting Music For Blake!” However, that’s not exactly the case. Gwen explained to the mag that she’s had such a successful and long career, that she’s satisfied where she’s gotten within the business. In fact, she said that her boyfriend, Blake Shelton, 41, extremely supportive of her career.

The former No Doubt frontrunner‘s solo residency kicks off on June 27 at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. As for what fans can expect? — Definitely prepare for her old hits, but get ready to hear some new songs about her beau, Blake Shelton! “Obviously he’s my best friend, so I’m bouncing stuff off him all the time, Gwen said, adding that Blake is “super supportive” of her career. “He gets me motivated. There are a bunch of songs about him in the show, that’s fun.”

Gwen also revealed the meaning behind her “Just a Girl” residency moniker. “If you really know me or saw how I grew up, I am 100 percent the same person I’ve always been,” she explained. “When I wrote that song, I was 25, going to college, living at my parents’. I guess I wanted to say, ‘This is my DNA.’ I’m just a girl from Anaheim, CA and I’ve never been anything else… And for a song to be relevant 20 years later? … It still works!”

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