Gwen Stefani Steps Out In Baggy Tee As Rumors Swirl That She’s Pregnant With Blake Shelton’s Baby

Is that a baby bump she’s hiding!? Gwen Stefani pulled on some baggy clothes for a Friday outing, fueling rumors that she’s carrying BF Blake Shelton’s baby! See the new pic right here!

Is Gwen Stefani pregnant with Blake Shelton‘s baby?! The 48-year-old songstress stepped out on Friday, May 25, wearing some baggy clothes, leading fans to wonder: Does she have something to hide?! She donned a colorful tropical-themed jacket over an enormous blue t-shirt while heading out. Naturally, she also rocked some over-sized shades and a bold red lip to complete the ensemble for her excursion. Sure, it’s not exactly summer out in LA but wearing a big jacket seems a bit strange. And if she is pregnant, why keep it under wraps?

This curious ensemble definitely lines up with some reporting we’ve received which also suggests she’s expecting. “Gwen’s body has changed very subtly this month and those close to her suspect she could be pregnant,” a source told EXCLUSIVELY recently. “Her friends have not seen her touch a glass of wine or any alcohol in weeks and they think Gwen has been glowing lately.” Okay, the evidence is really piling up at this point!

“Those that see her daily are convinced she might finally be pregnant with Blake’s baby,” the source said. “She has always wanted a girl and it’s clear to everyone Gwen really loves Blake a lot and they have always talked about having their own family together. She has been also wearing baggier clothing lately and friends feel like she must be keeping a secret. At 48, her friends feel it would be a miracle baby but they can only guess what’s really going on and hope for her to break the news soon!” Okay, we’re seriously dying to know at this point!

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