Gwen Stefani’s Bikini Body Diet And Workout Secrets

The Grammy winner is fitter than ever at 48.

Gwen Stefani has a sizzling bikini body at age 48, thanks to a healthy, portion-controlled diet and rigorous exercise. Judging by her flat abs, it’s hard to believe the Grammy-winning pop star has three children.

Stefani has been dating country music superstar Blake Shelton since 2015 and formalized her divorce from British singer Gavin Rossdale in 2016. Despite the personal turmoil, Gwen has never looked better due to a healthy, active lifestyle.

Stefani previously revealed that her anti-aging fitness secrets are a mostly vegan diet and intense exercise. While she’s no longer 100 percent vegan, Gwen still eats lots of vegetables and minimizes processed-food consumption.

Prefers Weightlifting Over Yoga

Stefani told celebrity chef Giada De Laurentiis how shocked she initially was at boyfriend Blake Shelton’s unhealthy diet.

“Everything’s fried,” Gwen told Giada on Facebook Live. “It shocks me because growing up in California…we learn how to be healthy. And in Oklahoma, they learn just how to have fun and eat like not worry about it. It’s fun, though.”

As for exercise, Stefani maintains her sleek bikini body by sweating at the gym by lifting weights and boxing. She said she tried yoga and Pilates, but found those workouts to be too low-key for her intense personality.

“I’m more like a man: I like going to the gym and lifting weights or doing a little boxing,” Stefani told InStyle.

Despite her tomboyish persona, Gwen Stefani has admitted that she’s very traditionally “girly”: She loves makeup and fashion.

In 2012, Stefani’s bikini body was thinner and had less muscle tone, but just as beautiful.

There has been much speculation that Stefani got a nose job, but she has never confirmed the rumors. Plastic surgeons say Gwen appears to be a fan of Botox injections and fillers to smooth out her wrinkles.

“Gwen appears to have done Botox,” Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer told Radar Online. “She’s also had her already luscious lips plumped up to perfection. Aside from that, she’s just most likely had a series of chemical peels.”

Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Sheila Nazarian agreed, saying “Gwen looks like she has had a lot of fillers in her face, Botox, and chemical peels.” Neither physician has treated Stefani.

While diet and gym workouts keep her physically fit, Stefani said she also does “spiritual exercise” to stay emotionally strong, which is critical in a busy life that involves juggling a high-powered career with raising two children and a famous boyfriend.

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