Hailey Baldwin Makes Out With A Shirtless Justin Bieber On A Yacht In Sexy Black & White Pics

Hailey Baldwin shared some black & white photos of herself snuggling & making out with Justin Bieber! See the photos of the two of them getting some major PDA on!

Ah, young love! Hailey Baldwin took to Instagram to not only share photos of her slaying in a bikini, but also making out with her shirtless husband Justin Bieber. In the tasteful black and white photos, the two newlyweds not only snuggle up next to one another while on a yacht, in one of the pictures Hailey plants a huge kiss on Justin. Check out the PDA-filled pics below!

We reported earlier how Justin and Hailey’s families are definitely expecting them to start having babies once they’ve had their official wedding ceremony and gotten acclimated to married life. “They share the same family and faith values, and everybody is united in their commitment to helping and supporting Hailey and Justin as they start out on their married life together,” a source close to the couple told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “It’s a really happy and exciting time for both families with a wedding to plan and the prospect of a new grandchild somewhere soon on the horizon.”

In addition to appearing in these new PDA pics, the couple has also done another intimate activity together: they both got matching tattoos. That’s right, celebrity tattoo artist Bang Bang, aka Keith McCurdy, told Page Six all about the fresh ink he gave the two of them. They each got a tattoo,” he revealed. “Justin’s tattoo is on his face, and I haven’t seen any photos of it – so he’s doing a good job of laying low.”

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We’ll keep you posted with all of the latest news about Justin and Hailey. In the meantime, check out all of their latest, most romantic photos in our gallery above.

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