Halle Berry, 51, Demonstrates Her Intense 10-Minute, 10-Exercise Workout That You Can Do Too

If you want to have a body like Halle Berry, but don’t know how, don’t worry. The former Bond girl is sharing some of her best fitness moves. But, be warned, you’ll break a sweat just thinking about them!

It’s no secret that Halle Berry looks amazing and that, at 51, she has a body women half her age would envy. Now the former Bond girl is generously revealing how she gets rock hard abs, toned arms and a killer butt. But, predictably Halle’s exercise routine is anything but easy. On July 20, to honor her weekly Fitness Friday tips, she and her trainer Peter Lee Thomas dropped their “10×10 Lunch Crunch.” In other words, they shared her 10-minute, 10 exercises workout in her Instagram stories feed. The fat-blasting plan includes everything from pushup punches, lunges and burpees to drop squats, leg kick-ups and mountain climbers. For those who don’t know their “plank buzz saw” from their “crab toe touch,” Halle and Peter very kindly demonstrated each move. They did it without breaking into a sweat, making it look easy. But we know it’s not! WATCH HALLE BERRY’S WORKOUT VIDEO HERE!

Halle explained why they devised this speedy routine. She told her fans on Instagram, “I know many of you may feel like you don’t have enough time to work out…well Peter and I have the answer for you. This is a 10-minute #workout that you can do anywhere, from your office to any small space you might find yourself in.” And when they said “10 minutes,” that’s exactly what they meant. Halle even recommended setting a timer for 10 minutes and doing “10 exercises for 10 reps each.”

Halle said this is her secret to squeezing in a workout into her day even when she just has a 30-minute lunch break. She wrote, “Enjoy the workout and let me know how many Lunch Crunch sets you can do in 10 minutes. No excuses…we all have 10 minutes! Go get it!”

We’re not sure how many of Halle’s fans actually peeled themselves off the sofa to mirror her moves but they had plenty to say. One person wrote in response, “I’m going to put this donut down and do a few jumping jacks! Then finish my doughnut.” Another person joked, “Motivation (puts down bowl of ice cream).” Another simply wrote, “Inspiring.” We agree.

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