Halle Berry, 51, Reveals Her No-Surgery Secret To Looking 20 Years Younger & Any Woman Can Do It

If you want to look like Halle Berry — and TBH, who doesn’t? — you need to add something special to your grocery list, but it’s not what you think. Curious? We sure were!

Any time Halle Berry, 51, wants to come clean about one of her age-defying secrets, we’re all ears! And can you blame us? The stunning actress isn’t just over 50 years old, but she is also the mother of two kids — one of them under five — yet she still manages to look just as great now as she did when she starred in Catwoman over 10 years ago. And while  her flawless figure is a mix of genetics, healthy eating and exercise that we can’t copy exactly, we’ll jump at any tip she throws our way like a dog grabbing table scraps. No shame here! The latest bit of advice has to do with her clear complexion. So what is her secret exactly? Bone broth!

That’s right, Halle recommends drinking the collagen-rich stuff on the daily. “You can make it, you can go to the butcher and get all the bones they’re going to throw away and he’ll give them to you for free,” Halle said in an interview with Extra. “Take the bones, boil them up for 24 hours… and you drink the broth. It’s so full of collagen that it’s crazy.” It’s a little out there, but we’ll try anything once — especially if it means we might end up with such stunning skin at 51. Now, if she could just type up her workout routine so we could sport rock-hard abs this summer, too!

Or her toned arms at the very least! When Halle was vacationing with her kids in Bora Bora in June, not even all that mom time could stop her from working out, and she looked fit and muscular in every photo they took together. “I start each morning with a 30 minute light run on the beach to get my heart pumping and blood flowing,” she said in one of her posts. Yes — even on vacay!

So if you just pencilled bone broth onto your shopping list for the week, maybe it’s time to seek out some running shoes while you’re at it. Because Halle’s flawless complexion isn’t all we want to copy!

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