Halsey Says Lauren Jauregui is “Brilliant,” Calls Another Collaboration “Inevitable”

In an interview with PopBuzz that was pre-recorded in London prior to her appearance at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show this week, Halsey was asked if she had listened to Lauren Jauregui’s new single, “Expectations.” Halsey had previously collaborated with Lauren on the single “Strangers,” and later the two became friends when Lauren signed up to be the supporting act for part of Halsey’s Hopeless Fountain Kingdom Tour.

Halsey’s reaction was immediate. “She is brilliant,” Halsey said, before adding,

She is a writer … and I love it that she is finally getting to navigate this path as a solo artist. She is getting to write, and write purely from her own perspective … [B]eing in a band must be awesome because there are so many people you can rely on. But you are also telling five different stories at the same time, which can’t be easy. I can barely get mine out…”

Halsey was also asked about the potential for her and Lauren to work together again. Halsey said

I’m sure Lauren and I will make music again. Absolutely! We just have such good chemistry and we love performing together. Definitely inevitable. It’s going to happen at some point.”

And Halsey doesn’t think that the collaboration has to be limited to singing together. She told PopBuzz

I also want to get in and write with her. Because I wrote “Strangers” and put her on it and he was so perfect for the song [but] it was such a shame … I know what kind of talented writer she is. So I’d love to get in a room and make something organically.”

You can check out Halsey’s full interview with PopBuzz below.  

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