Halsey Slams John Mayer Dating Rumors: ‘What If Female Artists Just Have Friends?’

Halsey’s coming clean! The singer cleared up all the romance rumors about her and John Mayer with an epic clapback on Twitter. See what she had to say!

Just because Halsey, 24, is single and having funny Instagram exchanges with John Mayer, 41, does not mean that they’re dating. The “Without Me” singer put romance rumors to rest with a pointed tweet on Nov. 7. “I just had a ground breaking idea,” she said. “What if…we let female artists…have friends…without assuming that they are sleeping together? I know I know. It’s like, completely ambitious but like, imagine if we like, tried ?” And just like that, she’s set the record straight! It looks like Halsey has no intentions of moving on with John so soon after breaking up with G-Eazy, 29, last month. She’s simply surrounding herself with friends — and one of them happens to be the “Your Body is a Wonderland” singer!

So why did everyone think these two were going to take their friendship to the next level in the first place? Well, there were a few flirty back-and-forths between Halsey and John on Instagram that raised some eyebrows. “It’s saying my billing address doesn’t match with the one on my credit card? I’ve never had this problem before. Can you text me?” John commented on a photo of Halsey promoting YSL lipstick. She responded with, “Wrote u a song with the help hotline # in the chorus. Sending mp3 now.” But when she posted a super sexy bikini selfie the next day, he didn’t have anything to say about that one. So it sounds like she’s telling the truth!

We wonder if G-Eazy was relieved to see Halsey’s tweet bashing the boyfriend rumors? “John has always been shameless about hitting on Halsey, even when she wasn’t single he used to openly flirt with her and she used to have to defend their friendship to G-Eazy,” a source close to the ex-couple told Hollywoodlife.com EXCLUSIVELY. “So now that all these romance rumors about them have started up it’s bound to bug G-Eazy. But what can he really say, they’re not together and she can flirt with whoever she wants.”

There’s no need to worry, though! Her relationship with John is clearly a platonic one. So here’s to Halsey for pointing out that guys and girls can be just friends — even in Hollywood.

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