Harry Styles throws major shade at Zane Malik by comparing him to Ringo Starr

Harry Styles isn't afraid of poking a little fun at himself, or his former One Direction bandmates.

The 25-year-old singer was hosting American comedy show Saturday Night Live for the first time when he delivered the funny but scathing monologue.

After joking that he would be spending as much time with the live audience as his 'serious relationships', the former boybander went on to make a quip about Zayn Malik leaving One Direction .

Mentioning the group which made him famous, Harry said he thought of the lads as his family, before teasing the audience about them being there on the show.

As he reeled off their names Harry appeared to struggle over Zayn, who parted ways with the band before they officially announced their split.

"I love those guys, they're my brothers. Niall, Liam, Louis… Uh.. Ringo! Yeah, that's it."

Ringo Starr famously left The Beatles back in 1968, he quit the band for five months while they were recording their self-titled album, he later returned before they split for good in 1970.

Proving a point that he was a serious musician Harry said: "I'm not in a boyband anymore. I'm in a man band."

Referring to One Direction, he smirked as the audience cheered: "How crazy would it be if they were here tonight?

"They're not though. But wouldn't it be crazy if they were…? But they're not."

He added: "I'm so grateful Simon Cowell grew us in those test tubes."

Making reference to the many people he's been linked with in the media throughout his career, Harry introduced himself to the audience.

"And just like all my serious relationships, were gonna spend one incredible night together and then never see each other again."

He spent the rest of his monologue appearing to play a black grand piano, before lifting up his hands to take a sip of a cocktail.

The singer, who is set to release his second album on December 13, also performed comedy skits alongside the SNL cast as well as Jon Hamm.

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