Henry Winkler 'Happy Days' Fonz Collection Goes for a Bundle at Auction

There are probably a handful of “Happy Days” fans who are walking away from one Henry Winkler-themed auction thinking one thing … aaaayyyyeeeeee, jackpot!!!!

Bonhams — an auction house — had all the Fonz goods anybody who’s watched the show could ever want and put it up for sale this Wednesday, with the spoils going to the highest bidder. And boy, did people throw down.

Among the most prized items — the 1949 Triumph Trophy 500 motorbike that Winkler (aka Fonzie) actually rode on the show, which went for a whopping $231,562. That’s staggeringly more than what it was expected to fetch … just $80k-$120k.

The sale also offered an opportunity to match the Fonz’s style, down a T — HW’s actual costume from the show was also on the auction block … going for $75,312. The outfit came with the signature brown leather jacket, 2 white t-shirts, jeans … and a pair of black leather biker boots, which were worn throughout the first 5 years.

There was a lot more Fonzie stuff up for grabs too — including a pair of mechanic overalls that Winkler wore on the show, an Army shirt he rocked as Fonz and cowboy boots he once donned. All those went for about $14k, $2k and $1k, respectively.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale will be donated to “This Is About Humanity,” a charity run by his daughter Zoe, which raises awareness and funds for families separated at the US-Mexico Border.

The entire collection is a sight to behold, and clearly drew the attention (and wallets) of ‘Happy’ adorers … who seemed more than willing to pony up for some sweet memorabilia.

For the folks lucky enough to score, these days aarrrrrree … pretty amazing.

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