Here’s Why Julianne Hough & Brooks Laich Haven’t Officially Filed For Divorce Yet

This former couple continues to keep us on our toes!

Julianne Hough and Brooks Laich are not getting back together… but they’re not exactly making haste on their divorce, either. Nearly two months after announcing their separation in a joint statement, neither party has taken any legal steps in ending their marriage of nearly three years, leaving us with a LOT of questions.

Is someone having second thoughts? Or, perhaps, is it a financial and logistical issue? A difficult prenup clause? We need to know! Luckily, sources close to the situation are willing to provide answers, and one knowledgable insider told E! News they are simply taking their time! However, it’s not to say that stalling was a mutual decision:

“Julianne has had a hard time recently and is in a funk. The lockdown has brought up all sorts of stuff for her. Brooks is very much ready to move on and to be officially divorced. His friends and family have rallied around him and he is ready for the next chapter.”

It’s interesting to hear because we’ve heard several different sources flip flop on this sentiment since the pair announced their split at the end of May. First, the dancer was the one ready to let go while Brooks was clinging on. Then we heard she was “super upset” and struggling with the split. Later, insiders backtracked and said Julianne was seemingly forcing the issue about finalizing their divorce, though she has been cryptically posting about feeling “stuck and “anxious” lately.

Breakups can be messy, but this one has us downright confused! All things considered, the source insisted the former NHL player is ready to pull the trigger and the onus remains on Hough:

“They planned to file for divorce and he is ready, but he is giving her some time and space. They aren’t getting back together, but she is struggling.”


For now, Brooks appears to be remaining in Idaho as he records new episodes of his iHeartRadio podcast, How Men Think, and enjoys the great outdoors with his friends and loved ones. Meanwhile, Julianne has been working on her expanded fitness concept, Kinrgy, and hanging out with family — while also squeezing in a few suspiciously friendly hangouts with Westworld star Ben Barnes.

Although the Dancing With the Stars alum is enjoying her new shoulder to cry on, her soon-to-be ex-husband is laying low and “just trying to get used to his life as a single guy.” A confidant further divulged to ET:

“In the last two years, those closest to Julianne and Brooks watched as they grew apart. Julianne seemed to be going through a period of self-discovery and change which isn’t what Brooks had planned for. He loved the life they had and wanted nothing more than to build a family together but Julianne wasn’t ready.”

Wishing them both well on their respective journeys as individuals and crossing our fingers for a relatively seamless split, whenever it officially happens!

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