Here’s Why Vanessa Hudgens Is in Scotland Right Now Amid the Pandemic

Vanessa Hudgens is currently a trending topic on Twitter after people realized that she’s currently in Scotland, a country that is currently on lockdown because of the coronavirus pandemic.

There are some people who are criticizing Vanessa for posting photos from tourist destinations, but others are coming to her defense because they know why she’s there.

Vanessa is in town right now to film the third movie in her Netflix holiday franchise The Princess Switch. She also filmed the other movies abroad. The entertainment industry is exempt from stay-at-home orders in many locations around the world because of the safety protocols set in place and the amount of jobs these productions bring to the areas.

On Monday (January 25), Vanessa took to her Instagram account and shared photos of herself posing in front of the Forth Bridge. She also shared another photo in front of the Loch Road sign.

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