The Most Hilarious Tweets and Memes From the Royal Wedding

The long-awaited royal wedding ceremony took place in Windsor this morning/afternoon (depending on where you watched from), and, as expected, it was one for the books.

The newlyweds departed from St. George’s Chapel following the vows and went on to the first of their two receptions.

While we wait for news to come out of the un-televised private party, fans have been given plenty of time to get their tweet on, targeting the most hilarious and meme-worthy of photos and viral wedding moments.

I mean, how could they not …

Andrew Milligan – WPA/Getty Images

Between the droves of adorable tots, some unfortunate duchess-to-duchess side-eye, and the Queen—just everything about the Queen—the wedding was a hotbed of social media GOLD. 

Scroll down below for a selection of our favorites.

 Prince George doing the MOST:

No truer words ever spoken ^^. 

And, perhaps the crème de la crème …

Happy royal wedding, Internet. And here we thought nothing could divert our attention from Yanni vs. Laurel … 

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