Hilary Duff Slams Baseless & ‘Disgusting’ Sex Trafficking Conspiracy Theory About Her 8-Year-

Hilary Duff is speaking out after a crazy conspiracy theory went viral on Twitter Friday night, accusing the actress of pedophilia and child trafficking.

The Younger star was the subject of a since-deleted thread which claimed she recently posted photos of her 8-year-old son Luca Cruz, whom she shares with her ex Mike Comrie, in hopes of selling him to the highest bidder. WTF?!

“Hilary Duff accused of child trafficking, with her own son, a thread…,” began the controversial tweet, which was accompanied by alleged screenshots from the 32-year-old’s Instagram Story where her son was said to be “completely nude” with “white markings all over his body.” The user added more to the bizarre claim with a message that said:

“It was clearly a message to the devils of the elites that her son is for sale. There is no other explanation.”

Wow. Well, there is a better explanation for all of this…

The accusation came shortly after the Lizzie McGuire star shared a video of Luca lounging around in the nude on her Story, however, she made sure to censor the child’s body parts before posting. But somehow, one troll decided to take that innocent moment and run with it in the worst way! We mean, seriously. Parents share cheeky moments like that all of the time! What a leap for the mommy shamers out there…

As far as we’ve heard and seen, there is no real evidence to suggest any of those claims are true. Still, as the controversial tweet gained traction online through Saturday morning, as some were on the fence about what to believe. But Hilary hopped online to address the ridiculous rumor with a scathing message of her own, writing:

“Everyone bored af right now I know..but this is actually disgusting….. whoever dreamed this one up and put this garbage into the universe should take a break from their damn phone. Maybe get a hobby”

And Duff’s rep also issued a statement to E! News condemning the false and defamatory accusation:

“Let me say this in the strongest terms, this is all a fabricated disgusting internet lie, created and perpetuated by trolls and idiots. Hilary’s own post this morning is all that needs to be said on the matter. Everyone who knows Hilary is fully aware what an amazing mom she is and that requires no further comment. If only people with this much time on their hands used their energy to solve real problems in the world.”

The star, who is also a proud momma to daughter Banks Violet Blair whom she shares with husband Matthew Koma, frequently shares sweet updates about her children on social media and appears to be a rockstar mom all around. As we mentioned, this theory is not only damning but also completely out of left field! This is the same person who advocated for privacy laws to be changed after unsettling incidents involving paparazzi and her kids — how could be the same person behind something so horrible?

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Luckily, several of Hilary’s fans came to her defense, firing off supportive messages like this one (below):

“Twitter really is notorious for creating the most CONVOLUTED & RIDICULOUS stories about actual people… now Hilary Duff is a “child trafficker” ???? Y’all r having fun ruining lives & reputations. Knock that shit off, it’s not funny #hilaryduff”

And another one pointed out the legal consequences that may follow as a result of the careless tweet:

“You do realize when she gets cleared you’re probably going to be sued for slandering her name right. I don’t listen to conspiracy theory bullshit because one someone could have edited that picture on Reddit cause Reddit is full of crazies & two it’s a conspiracy thread. #hilaryduff”

Craaaazzzy stuff here, y’all! It seems like the Internet is getting weirder and weirder during the quarantine but this was definitely a head-scratcher!

What’s your take on all of this, Perezcious readers? Let us know (below) in the comments…

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