‘Hills’ Star Doug Reinhardt Claims Wife Smeared His Blood On Herself After Crutch Beating

The details of the alleged violent spat between Doug Reinhardt and his wife Natalie Sutton have come out and they’re pretty gruesome. Now it seems that there may be more to the story than we originally thought.

Doug Reinhardt, 33, is alleging that his wife went to great lengths to make her appear the victim of an April 27 clash between them and it seems worthy of a CSI episode! The estranged couple made headlines after police were called to the Sanctuary Camelback Mountain Resort in Paradise Valley, Arizona. The story that emerged days later is that Natalie Sutton was arrested for allegedly beating her husband (a former Hills star and Paris Hilton’s ex) with the metal crutch he was using while he recovered from a knee operation. But she didn’t just allegedly assault him, according to TMZ. She is also accused of targeting his head and throwing his cell phone across the room.

Of course an incident like that would draw blood – a lot of blood. So much in fact that the former Hills star is now claiming that Natalie allegedly smeared his blood on herself so it would seem that she was the victim. A Paradise Valley Police Report obtained by The Blast details the incident. Natalie is accused of calling the cops to reportedly claim that Doug “choked her, slapped her and bit her.” However, the police apparently couldn’t spot any injuries – not on her at least. They did see “numerous facial scratches and bruises” mostly on the left side of his bloody face.

It gets worse. Now Doug’s lawyers are going even further with their claims saying that Natalie was allegedly “observed attempting to smear Douglas’ blood on herself in an attempt to make it appear that she had suffered injuries, or in an attempt to make it appear that Douglas was somehow the aggressor.” If Natalie – who, according to her husband allegedly “consumed a lot of alcohol” – did do that, it didn’t work.

Ultimately police arrested her for assault and criminal damage. She was released the following morning and on April 30 her hubby filed for divorce. So far the former couple has remained tightlipped about the unfortunate incident.

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