Holly Willoughby admits she ‘expects kickback’ to new lifestyle brand: ‘Can’t change that’

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Holly Willoughby, 40, launched her website Wylde Moon back in October 2021, where fans get to experience the This Morning presenter’s more mystic side. The lifestyle brand offers readers homespun wisdom and alternative therapies as part of her new wellness platform, but with anything new a celebrity does in this day and age, she understood that she would get a bit of kickback from the public.

I can’t change that. I don’t want to change that

Holly Willoughby

Holly’s personal rebrand also saw her release her self-help manual Reflections, and she has a new project on the horizon with cold water therapist Wim Hoff.

But the TV star recognised not everyone will agree with her outlook on life.

“I’m not afraid of the reaction to it any more,” she shrugged in a new interview.

“If it doesn’t fit with what your thoughts and expectations of me are, well then there’s nothing I can do about it.

“I can’t change that. I don’t want to change that.

“And I’m not going to change that. This is me.”

Holly went on to explain that she’s only trying to encourage others to find their inner-self and be happy within themselves.

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“I think that people struggle with some of the ideas,” she told Grazia.

“The moment that I launched Wylde Moon, the word ‘wacky’ got used a lot.

“I expected that. And that’s fine. I can’t change that.”

She added: “I’m not here to force any of this on anybody.

“It’s not ‘come and meditate with me’ or ‘look at the moon and play a sound-bowl’.

“It’s please go and do that thing that makes your heart sing. Go and do you.”

Ahead of her brand launch, she explained: “I want Wylde Moon to be a place where I can share the things that I love.”

Wylde, she revealed, is an old word for “wild” that usually meant untamed, and often a word used to talk about women.

“I was like, ‘Good!’ I want to be an untamed woman.

“Because if anyone’s going to tame me that means I’ve fitted into the parameters that somebody else has created.

“I thought, ‘that version of wylde is exactly what I want to be.'”

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