Holly Willoughby: This Morning host talks heartbreaking moment ‘Been through everything’

Holly Willoughby, 39, addressed her own heartache as the This Morning presenter spoke candidly about the loss of her beloved cat Roxy. It comes as an elderly caller named Geraldine detailed the loss of her cat of 19 years.

The caller explained that her beloved pet had to be put down in her home during lockdown, while she also detailed not having any family.

Holly appeared touched by Geraldine’s story as she admitted she “totally got” Geraldine’s distress.

The discussion came during the Dear Deirdre segment of the show, during which the caller regaled her heartbreaking tale – sparking emotion with Holly and viewers.

Geraldine said: “My cat was put down on the 12th of March, the vet came to the house and put him down in front of me.


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“19 years. I’m on my own, I don’t have any family, so I’m on my own. I’m 70 in two week’s time.”

Holly replied: “They’re a member of your family, they have been through everything with you. They’re by your side all the time, I totally get it… We’re a nation of pet lovers, I totally get it.”

The mum-of-three lost her cat Roxy who died in October 2016.

At the time of her pet’s death, Holly took to Instagram and shared a picture of her beloved feline and wrote: “Goodbye my friend… RIP Roxy.”

She was famously attached to her pet and even brought her live on This Morning for a live pet psychic reading in 2010.

Following Geraldine’s call, viewers took to Twitter and expressed their sadness.

One person tweeted: “Awww that poor lady and her cat… So grateful to be watching @thismorning with my gorgeous Rimple. So sorry for Geraldine who lost her cat.”(sic)

Another person commented: “This woman is 70 years old, she has no family and no close friends. That cat was her life and she’s struggling. As someone who lives alone with two cats, I can fully relate to Geraldine. Cats are more than just pets, they are your family #ThisMorning.”


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A third person added: “Listening to Geraldine who lost her cat was so upsetting, I’ll be thinking about her all day. Makes me so sad to think that some people literally have no one. I really hope This Morning gives her some help #ThisMorning.”

The emotional appearance comes a day after Holly blasted a ‘stupid’ man for visiting his wife’s 74-year-old mother during the coronavirus lockdown on Tuesday.

An upset caller sought advice from Holly and Phillip after her partner “put her mum’s life in danger”.

The Government has stressed the over-70s are in a very high-risk category and they must avoid all social contact.


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The caller said: “I ordered a parcel for my mum. My partner is going in to work and he said he’d drop it off for her. He got back yesterday and I understand that (my) mum invited him in.

“He went in and sat in the lounge with her for half an hour. I’m so cross and upset that he’s put my mum’s life in danger. I might be overreacting.”

Holly fumed: “I don’t think you’re overreacting. He shouldn’t have done that.”

This Morning airs weekdays on ITV at 10am.

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