Hugh Jackman Tells ‘Fallon’ World Tour Has Been In The Works for Eight Years!

Hugh Jackman stopped by The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon on Monday (April 8) and opened up about the intense preparation he’s been doing for his world tour, Hugh Jackman: The Man. The Music. The Show!

“I’ve been working on this show probably for eight years,” the 50-year-old entertainer expressed. “But for the last two years, knowing I was going to do this, I’ve been in training, tap-dancing, singing, doing the whole thing, and I’m just going to lay it all out there.”

“I have an orchestra. I have ten singers and dancers. There’s 193 people involved in this one-man show,” Hugh continued.

Hugh also talked about holding the Guinness World Record for the longest career as a live action Marvel superhero, and promoted his latest film Missing Link.

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