Hundreds Of Men Were Duped Into A Mass Tinder Date & Had To COMPETE For Model’s Affections!

Tinder users, beware — your insatiable thirst for a hot date might be exploited for the sake of a viral marketing video.

That’s what happened to hundreds of men who showed up at Union Square on Sunday expecting to go on a date with a pretty woman, only to find out the date was a stunt for a viral marketing agency.

Marketer Rob Bliss, who created the viral anti-harassment clip titled “10 hours of walking in NYC as a woman” in 2014, hired model and actress Natasha Aponte to dupe unwitting men she met on Tinder to the public square for what they assumed was a romantic meet-up.

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Upon arriving at the spot, the guys were shocked to see Aponte appear on stage and reveal they were there to compete for a date with her, Hunger Games style — but first, she had to weed out some of the candidates.

Aponte dismissed any potential suitors who were in a relationship, Donald Trump supporters, tourists, or named Jimmy. Men with beer bellies, long beards, khakis, and Toms shoes were also eliminated.

Those lucky individuals who remained willingly competed in a running race to win the affections of the model.

We’re not sure exactly what the social commentary is here, but Bliss told The Post that his collective “will be releasing a video Thursday that explains the entire project and story.”

Watch footage of the mass date scam (below):

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