Hunter Hayes Confirms His Breakup with Libby Barnes & Opens Up About How Music Helped Him Through It

We weren’t 100% positive that Hunter Hayes and Libby Barnes split, the singer confirmed it during an interview with People.

The 26-year-old musician and Libby had been dating for several years before their break up. He even wrote a song or two for her.

While promoting his new music, Hunter says that you can hear how his music helped him through the split.

“I had a lot to go through, and you do hear it through every step of the album,” he says. “The good, the bad, the denial…all of it, and even the after, the moving on.”

He also opened up about how he’s always looking for his life partner.

“I’m pathetically always looking for my life partner,” Hunter shared. “…I’m less knowing of what the h*** I’m doing, and what I’m looking for, or who I’m looking for, and how I can be good for somebody and more aware of the fact that I’m completely clueless.”

You can stream Hunter‘s two new songs “Dear God”, and “One Shot” on JJJ now.

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