Hunter Hayes Shares ‘One Shot’ Video

Hunter Hayes has released the music video for “One Shot,” a song which portrays how a night out drinking can turn into a night of incidents and memories.

“Got a lot of memories, not a lot of regrets/ Every time I said I’d never do it again/ Was right before I headed out for one more spin,” he sings. “I started with one shot to have a good time/ Everybody knows how easy one can turn into five/ Don’t judge because it ain’t nobody’s life but mine/ And I only get one shot, so I take it one shot at a time.”

The video shows the singer as a cartoon figure who has missing teeth, black and blue on his eye and a llama in his kitchen.

“I really wanted the video to portray the humor in looking back at some of my most embarrassing moments and highlighting the fact that it’s really okay to not take yourself so seriously,” Hayes said according to Billboard. “So many hidden Easter eggs in every frame of this have their own long story, so I’m proud of taking my shame and turning into something hopefully everybody can get a kick out of.”

Hayes last released The 21st Project in 2015.

by RTTNews Staff Writer

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