Husband Fights with Wife After She Allegedly Harassed Black Couple

A husband was not down with his wife allegedly hectoring a Black couple — berating her in front of them … but there may be more to the story here than meets the eye, in a bad way.

Check out this wild confrontation that was apparently shot a couple months ago at a gas station somewhere, at which an apparent husband and wife got into a shouting match/scuffle on camera … all in front of a Black man and woman who were filming.

It’s unclear what exactly led up to this … but you can see the hubby scolding his gal loudly for what sounds like some trouble she may have been giving the bystanders, seemingly over race. It gets pretty heated here — the guy demands she get in the car and leave them alone.

The woman is defiant … refusing to cooperate, and at one point — calling the Black couple drug dealers. To that, the man asks … why, ’cause they drive a Buick??? It’s crazy.

Now, it appears there was a battle going on between these 2 even before whatever run-in the woman might’ve had with the couple … because there’s the first part to this encounter, and it’s pretty ugly. The man and woman are seen physically fighting, and come to blows.

We’re hesitant to call this woman a “Karen” — since it’s just not clear what happened in the middle parts — but we know for a fact we can call her an Erin. That much is clear.

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