‘I don’t want you to win!’ Dion Dublin speaks out on rivalries with MasterChef co-stars

Dion Dublin visits Shirley as part of ClearScore campaign

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Celebrity MasterChef 2021 star Dion Dublin, 52, has admitted that although he got on well with his co-stars behind-the-scenes of the BBC show, things suddenly changed between them as soon as the cameras started rolling in the kitchen. The former professional footballer, who sadly narrowly missed out on making it to the final three after he got eliminated from the show last night, detailed his experiences of the competitive nature between the contestants in an exclusive interview with Express.co.uk.

While discussing his collaboration with ClearScore in turning the West Midlands town of Shirley to Surely, Dion said he and his co-stars had to abandon their friendships in a bid to beat each other to the Celebrity MasterChef crown.

Opening up on his relationships with his group, including Joe Swash, Katie Price, Will Kirk and Melissa Johns, Dion said: “It was great, Joe Swash, Katie Price, Will, Mel, and myself. 

“We got on really well in between the shoots as well, just having conversations about life in general and getting to know their personalities.

“But when we go to the kitchen though, it’s very different.

“You go, ‘I’ve got to win, I’ve got to win! I want to win, I don’t want you to win’, that’s the attitude you have to have, ‘I hope you mess up and I don’t mess up’.

“That’s it, that’s the way you’ve got to think about it!”

Gushing about his time on the show, Dion admitted it tested his skills a lot.

He added: “It’s an amazing experience doing that show.


“It does test you mentally, physically, concentration levels, organisational levels, skill levels with chopping, and fruits and veg.

“It’s just brilliant, brilliant!”

Dion went on to share some important advice that he took from MasterChef host and chef John Torode, which helped him get as far as he did in the competition.

He divulged: “It was so intense, you can’t be on that show for a bit of fun, you have to go on that show to learn and to progress, and to listen to what the chefs and John and Gregg [Wallace] say to you. 

“I remember John telling me from the very first day, the very first thing that I cooked, he said, ‘You need to be organised, you’re not organised, you haven’t got a method, you haven’t got a plan’.

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“And since then, I’ve taken that on board, whether it’s at home or cooking in that kitchen as well. 

“It’s like coaching in football, you always take on bits of information, stuff that you think is going to help you.”

Alongside his hard work in the MasterChef kitchen, Dion has teamed up with ClearScore to help people be ClearScore Sure and make better financial decisions after the coronavirus lockdown.

The Homes Under The Hammer presenter has now helped to rebrand the West Midlands town of Shirley to “Surely” to demonstrate the power of feeling “sure” and help people make better financial decisions.

It comes after more than 7.9 million UK adults are now likely to put decisions off about money matters, as well as 23 per cent who will delay decisions about their health and 21 per cent who are most likely to postpone social plans

Speaking about the exciting initiative, Dion said: “I think it’s a really good initiative and ClearScore wanted everyone to feel a little bit clearer about their credit choices and decisions, not just in finances, but in life as well. 

“I just think it’s about taking the time to do that and notice that people are struggling. 

“Unfortunately, if you’re having to make decisions about finances and life decisions, then the mental health situation pops in as well, so it’s good that they’ve noticed the bigger picture. 

“So if we can help people make decisions, good decisions, help them along with their decisions, and help them feel a bit surer about themselves, then it’s a positive message.”

Local legend and former footballer, Dion Dublin, turns the West Midlands town of Shirley to Surely – in collaboration with ClearScore – to empower residents to feel more sure and confident in their decisions after research showed Brits are suffering pandemic paralysis, putting off vital money, health and social decisions.

To feel ClearScore sure about your finances download the app on IOS or Android, where you can access your credit score and get personalised offers. All for free, forever.

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