Iggy Azalea Confident Demi Lovato Will Turn Her Overdose Into ‘Something Positive’

Iggy Azalea continues to show support to Demi Lovato during her recovery.

In a recent sit down with People, the 28-year-old rapper opened up about her personal struggles with depression, and the conversation eventually shifted gears to her gal pal, Demi.

Iggy shared the number one thing she knows the pop singer needs following her recent overdose: PRIVACY.

The Aussie explains:

“She needs her privacy, and it’s this funny tightrope for her to walk because she is so vulnerable and honest, and she touches so many people with her honesty and her openness, so I don’t know how she’ll continue this”

The Australian native previously said she knew about Lovato’s struggles with sobriety before Sober revealed it to the rest of the world, so we know this is coming from a place of love and concern.

But the Fancy rapper is confident the 26-year-old will find the light in this dark moment of her life:

“I know she’ll find a way to share this story and turn it into something positive that other people can take from.”

We continue to wish Demi a healthy and speedy recovery.

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