Iggy Azalea Dons Lacey Lingerie While Flashing A Refreshing Smile

Iggy Azalea really stirred up a commotion with her latest pic on Instagram!

When fans and followers browse through Iggy Azalea’s pictures on Instagram, they see a 27-year-old rapper with a bombshell body who isn’t afraid to flaunt what she’s got. There is, however, one rarity fans of the Australian rapper almost never see – a smile. Rarely, does Iggy crack a smile in her photos and she almost never flashes those pearly whites.

A few hours ago, Iggy took to Instagram to treat her fans and followers to sugar, spicy, and everything nice. In the photo, Azalea gave her fans a teasing glimpse of the top portion of some lacey lingerie. Courtesy of the rappers milky and perfect complexion, it is a little challenging to make out whether Iggy is donning a white or light pastel colored lacey bra in the picture. Regardless of what color it might be, fans have all agreed it looks fantastic on her.

When someone with a body like Iggy posts a picture donning lacey lingerie, most assume the focus point of the picture would be that bombshell body. However, it isn’t Iggy’s body that caused her fans and followers to stir in the comment’s section of the picture. It’s the fact that Iggy was flashing a refreshing – albeit baffling – smile.

According to Daily Mail, this picture featuring Iggy Azalea donning lacey lingerie has left many of her followers scratching their heads over just how different she looked in the picture. Many took to the comments of the photo to note things such as the fact that they’ve never really seen a smile – let alone such a beautiful smile – on the rapper before.

One individual took to Iggy’s comments to note that they “barely recognized” the rapper in the picture and questioned if that was really how she always looked. A different Instagram follower even bluntly asked whether or not it was really Iggy in the photo.

With over 3,000 comments in just a few hours, the picture is packed with individuals complementing the rapper on how incredible she looks. One commenter even went as far as to praise Iggy for her career as a whole.

“The most under appreciated modern female rapper in the game.”

Azalea didn’t mention her appearance – or her lacey lingerie – in the caption of the photo which read, “The stuff that don’t wear off.”

Plastic love. You told me be organic, then laughed as I wilted in the sun.

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To someone who hasn’t seen a picture of the rapper for a few years, Iggy Azalea really has changed her appearance a great deal over the years. Two years ago, she admitted to several magazines that she had both a nose job and a breast augmentation.

the stuff that don’t wear off ????

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After receiving such positive feedback following her lacy lingerie photo with the flashy smile, maybe Iggy will flash those pearly whites in pictures a little more often.

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