Iggy Azalea No Longer Has A Record Label

The musical voice of our generation, Australian rapper Iggy Azalea is no longer associated with a record label. You could say she got dropped by her label, or you could say she liberated herself from her label, but it all breaks down to this singular notion: for better or worse, there will be no Iggy Azalea “music” released in the foreseeable future.

Iggy was with Def Jam, which she left nine months ago to join Island Records. Like other nine month incubation periods, Iggy asserts she was ready to spring herself from Island’s womb in a breech position stilettos first and hit the ho stroll without a pimp. Or was it an emergency cesarean? Hmm… if you listen to Iggy, it was entirely her choice to leave (and surely had nothing to do with that little cancelled North American tour situation earlier this Fall). In either case, Iggy pontificated her happiness of being label-less on Twitter:

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