Iggy Azalea Thinks Eminem's Diss Of Her Is Lazy

Simon Legree stan Iggy Azalea will probably put all of her remaining money in the collection plate at church today. God has smiled down upon the fallen Australian rapper once more by inspiring Eminem to call Iggy a “ho” in a new diss track. Finally – relevancy has returned for Iggy! For a minute or two.

Eminem has been cat-scratching with Machine Gun Kelly, ever since Machine Gun tweeted that Em’s then 17-year-old daughter Hailie Scott was “hot as fuck” back in 2012. Us Weekly reports that Eminem dropped “Killshot” on Friday which is a response to a Kelly diss track about him. And so on and so on. Iggy figures into all of this because Em included a brief mention of her on the new song. Brief as in three words (“that Iggy ho”). Iggy responded with a multi-tweet treatise on how the quality of Em’s work has obviously slipped.

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