Iggy Azalea Under Fire for Saying World Is ‘Being Hysterical’ Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

The ‘Black Widow’ rapper has previously expressed her embarrassment for being related to her mother after finding out the latter is ‘one of the Australians bulk buying toilet paper.’

AceShowbizIggy Azalea came under fire from fans on Twitter when she accused them of “being hysterical” for stockpiling resources amid the current coronavirus pandemic.

More than 134,000 cases of COVID-19 have been registered worldwide since the outbreak began in December (19), resulting in over 4,900 deaths in total.

And while people worldwide are rushing to stores to buy hygiene products, food and other resources, “Fancy” star Iggy has hit out at the hysteria in a Tweet shared on Thursday, March 12.

The 29-year-old, real name Amethyst Amelia Kelly, wrote, “I think the world loves being hysterical.”

Iggy Azalea says the world is ‘being hysterical’ over coronavirus.

Iggy was heavily criticized for her comment, with fans pointing out there are “a lot of the elderly, poor and people with compromised immune systems who die of coronavirus,” and insisting her “platform is too big to minimise this.”

“I know you don’t feel affected by the virus because of your age and the money you have, but remind me why do I still stand you woman?” another fan raged.

The “Sally Walker” star’s comments come after she hit out at her mum for preparing for a lockdown due to the outbreak of the virus.

Iggy Azalea calls out her mother.

“I’d never been embarrassed to be related to anyone until today when I found out my mother is one of the Australians bulk buying toilet paper,” she previously posted.

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