'I'm still grieving over mum's death' – RTE weather presenter Audrey McGrath

RTE weather presenter Audrey McGrath has spoken about losing her mother, and said she is still working through her grief.

Her mum, Anne, died in 2015, and Audrey said she found it difficult to cope with the aftermath.

“For the first year, it was very raw with many dark moments I wasn’t equipped to deal with,” she said.

“I was lucky to find a counsellor who, when I asked her name, said ‘Anne with an e’, the same as my mother.

”I needed help that day. I had the support of my family and my friends, but I needed more.

“I said to myself, ‘I’m not OK’, and that’s a strong statement. I’m usually the person who tries to help other people.

”But I was at a point that I wasn’t OK, so I turned to counselling and it was life-changing for me.”

Audrey said that losing her mum has transformed the way she looks at life in general, and that she was “never the same person” afterwards.

“I live in a world of gloss which has its veneer so it’s nice to speak from the heart,” she told the RTE Guide.

“Since my mum died, I’ve come to a different understanding of life. I’ve realised that we are under an illusion that we control more than we actually do.

”I believe there’s a real fragility to life. As humans, we think we have a say in things but I don’t feel that way any more. I say this with a certain amount of cynicism, that what is meant to be will be.”

However, she said she has found joy again in going to a weekly class in Bachata dancing.

“Physically, it’s moving you, but with the movement of the body comes movement within, so you’re working through your emotions in a way you may not be aware of,” she said.

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