Inside Megan McKenna and Muggy Mike’s loved-up date night in Tenerife

Walking in the sunshine seemed to wear Mike out and Megan, 25, couldn’t resist poking fun at his feet whilst he relaxed on a sofa in front of her.

‘What are those?’ the reality star yelped as she zoomed in on Mike’s tootsies.

She also watched her boyfriend shake his hips during his rest time on the chair.

Later Megan and Mike, 25, headed out and seemed in the mood to celebrate, with Megan posing happily with a glass of wine.

Now you might expect them to go on to a romantic meal given that they’re clearly loved-up again – but instead the duo decided to opt for a good old McDonald’s instead.

‘This is where I end up,’ Megan told the camera inside the fast food joint before turning to see Mike filming her, prompting her to tell him: ‘F*** off.’

Erm, lovely.

It clearly all ended well though as Megan was thrilled to leave with a Happy Meal flag which she proudly held as she walked down the street with Mike.

‘Big kid,’ the Love Island star captioned the post.

It comes just a couple of weeks after Megan and Mike confirmed they’d ended their two-month relationship and deleted all traces of each other on social media.

Now though they’ve clearly decided to give things another go, with an insider telling The Sun Online: ‘They really like each other and want to make things work.

‘They’re so on and off though – things are so volatile – that their mates are trying to stay out of it.’

Eek, we can’t wait to see how this plays out then!

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